the common eider over Lake Logoda

Bird-watching at Lake Logoda and Vyborg, from St Petersburg

The Lake Ladoga and Vyborg, which are both close to St Petersurg, offer a land of plenty for bird watchers and photographers.

The Gulf of Finland and especially its eastern side is a densely-travelled migration route for large numbers of arctic birds, travelling between the Baltic Sea and the White Sea and Barents Sea. In spring, tens of millions of birds fly and form groups over the Baltic Sea. Within weeks, the density of the migration flow increases sharply as all of the flocks are drawn into the narrow Gulf of Finland as in a giant funnel. On some days, the migrating birds cover the whole sky like strands of a cobweb. Divers, grebes, swans, geese, black geese, sea ducks, gulls, and waders of different kinds fly in large flocks first, above the water, and then, in the Gulf of Vyborg and in the Neva Bay, rise to 50-100 meters making a nonstop flight over the Arctic Circle. Hundreds of thousands of arctic birds stop to rest in the eastern part of the Gulf of Finland for two or three weeks to replenish their energy reserves before making the arduous journey on to the Arctic.

In spring we invite you to witness the stunning scenes of bird migration near the medieval town of Vyborg, where you can combine the pleasure of a leisurely tour of architectural sights with something completely different – a powerful flood of emotion from witnessing the non-stop mass flight of birds from their winter quarters towards home.

Autumn migration is no less impressive and interesting, with the opportunity to watch and photograph the huge numbers of waterfowl that take a break from their travels in the eastern part of the Gulf of Finland. This, combined with the bright colours of autumn leaves in stunning and unspoiled countryside, produces a deep and long-lasting impression on most bird watchers and lovers of nature.

Bird-watching Tours

Spring birdwatching tours are to Vyborg Bay and optimal dates are late April to end of May.

Autumn birdwatching tours are to the "Kurgalsky" Reserve and optimal dates are Mid-September to mid-October.

If you would like to enjoy a bird watching tour with your trip to St. Petersburg, we offer trips to Kotlin Island, Ropshinskie Ponds, Lisy Nos and Lebyazhie. Best times for birdwatching are in Spring, from mid-April to mid-June, and in Autumn from mid-October to mid-November.

Tours are conducted by a professional english-speaking ornithologist, a scholar and a researcher of the St. Petersburg State University who has many years of field experience.

Come see the Swans

This special tour enables you to watch different types of swans at their migration stop-overs in the third decade of April. Additionally, you can see black-throated loons, white-fronted geese, black geese, mallards, tufted ducks, mergansers, golden-eyes, oystercatchers, curlews, lapwings, herring gulls, West Siberian seagulls, sea ducks, wood pigeons and many other birds.

Please contact us directly to discuss your preferences as all birdwatching tours are by their nature individually tailored and dependent on the time of year