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Russian Tea Party

Russian Tea Party

This tour takes you to the local Russian family to enjoy a traditional Russian tea ceremony which closely reflects national culture and customs.

In Russia having guests at home is considered a very important responsibility but of course also an extremely pleasant event. Every Russian woman tries her best to impress her guests: she cleans the house, lays a big table and prepares tasty drinks and a self-cooked meal. The hostess is always very anxious that guests feel at home and that they have had enough to eat!

It is very common for friends, family, guests and neighbors to gather at someone’s house for tea, an old tradition that is still very much alive today. Tea is served with sugar, lemon, milk, honey or jam, together with homemade cakes, cookies, pastries, dried-bread rings (baranki), jams and sweets. You will sit with your hosts at a big table and indulge in unhurried conversation. Questions about life in Russia that you didn’t have time to ask you can ask now, and your hosts will be most happy to answer them.

It is an old Russian tradition to serve tea from a Samovar, which has become an iconic symbol of the traditional Russian tea ceremony. It is a big tea kettle that is used to boil water for the tea and to keep it warm for many hours. A Samovar has a faucet in the middle that is used to pour hot water into the teacup. On top of the Samovar is a small teapot that is used to slowly brew a strong tea concentrate from loose tealeaves. This is kept warm by the steady steam rising from the inside of Samovar.

This tour gives a rare chance to spend the most enjoyable and relaxing time and to feel yourself at home in a Russian family!

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