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Winter Fishing from St. Petersburg

Winter Fishing from St. Petersburg

Winter fishing is a real joy for those who wish to test themselves in difficult winter conditions and who, at the same time, have not lost their taste for adventure. The winter fishing tour will bring you into close proximity with wild nature, belying the warm comforts of home, but the competition with wise fish and the challenging environment can bring deep satisfaction and, ultimately, great rewards.

The travel across frozen winter landscapes, the opportunities for photography, the comfort of a wood-burning stove at base, a lovely dinner after a few hours spent on the ice and the magnificent view of a river or lake in the snowy woods – all this can turn winter ice-hole fishing into a hobby for life.

The countryside of the St. Petersburg region offers many ideal spots for winter fishing. The fishing tours are led by an English-speaking professional fishing instructor and include:

  • transfers from St. Petersburg to the base camp
  • accommodation in a comfortable cottage
  • day-transfers to the best fishing spots
  • meals
  • provision of first-aid kit
  • fishing licenses and permissions.

Fishing tackle, cold weather gear and other equipment can be provided upon request.

Please note that tours are arranged with consideration to your particular preferences and time of year. Please contact us directly for more details.

Please fill in the Customise your tour form to give us details about your trip and your tour preferences, for this tour alone or in combination with others.