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Tours of St Petersburg, Moscow, the Golden Ring and more
with the most experienced and knowledgeable guides

Make the most of your visit to Russia

As a tour operator, Open Russia Tours has been leading all manner of tours in St. Petersburg, Moscow, Golden Ring cities, Karelia, North-Western and Central Russia, as well as in Georgia and Baltic states. To help you make the most of your visit to Russia, we offer some of the best tour services available, with expert guides and tour itineraries that can be customized to suit your plans for groups of any size.

Planning your tours

Before your visit, we will discuss your preferences and help you to fine-tune your personal itinerary. We can combine several mini tours for your visit, if you wish, organise city tours together with visits to the ballet, curator-led museum tours, insights into Russian life tours and much more. We are also happy to provide visa support, arrange transfers and train tickets, recommend our current favourite restaurants and hotels in St. Petersburg, Moscow and other cities suiting your taste and your budget.

How to Get a Visa to Russia

Regular Travel Visa E-Visa Visa-free Entry

Hotel Bookings

We can organise your hotel bookings whether you’re travelling alone, as a couple or family, or as part of a larger group. Having direct Contracts with major hotels, we offer the most competitive room rates and give a discount for ground services if you book accommodation through Open Russia Tours. In case you prefer to book directly, we’re just as happy to provide our tour services alone.

Group and VIP Services

All of our tours are designed to the highest standard, but we also offer an exclusive range of VIP and Luxury Travel services to suit the most discerning traveler and entourage. We have created bespoke tours for the rich and famous as well as custom tours for company incentive travel schemes, conference delegates, international companies, museums and other organisations from around the world.

Art & Culture Tours

In the field of cultural tours, we are second to none. We offer the highest quality art, music, ballet and history tours led by official museum curators, professors and experts with knowledge refined from many years of experience. We also offer an exclusive viewing of museum areas normally hidden from public and behind the scenes access to the major art galleries and theatres. Our Ballet tours give a glimpse into the fascinating world of the Russian classic and modern dance and an opportunity to attend first-class performances at renowned ballet venues. If you are interested in literature, try our Pushkin tours, or you could get behind the scenes with Dostoyevsky, visit his apartment and follow the trail set out in his novel ‘Crime and Punishment’. Combine your visit to Moscow with a visit to Leo Tolstoy’s estate ‘Yasnaya Polyana’.

Russian Life and Nature Tours

If you would like to gain insight into the Russian life and character, we offer a dacha tour, tea with a Russian family and an evening tour of St. Petersburg’s favourite venues and nightspots. Our Nature tours introduce the beauty of Russian nature and include some specialized eco-tours such as bird watching and foraging. In winter season we invite you to travel to St. Petersburg Region and Karelia resorts and get engaged in Russian winter festivities and sports.

Whatever your interest in Russia – and whatever your depth of interest, we can bring together a huge range of expertise and skill to ensure that you get the most from your visit to one of the great centres of world heritage. We look forward to welcoming you soon.

Best Time to Travel

  • November–January: low budget
  • February–March: experience Russian winter: dry and snowy
  • April – early May: spring, early May parades and celebrations
  • May–July: high season, white nights in St. Petersburg
  • August: sweet weather, less crowded
  • September–October: Indian summer, best time in the parks.